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[ NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest. ( error ) { / / error domain : NSURLErrorDomain / / error code. Found in your Cognitive Services accounts. Error Code Error Message. [ NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest: _ request returningResponse:. · NSURLConnection には同期処理. 同期的な処理については以前書いた記事内で使っている( sendSynchronousRequest. · iOS开发网络篇— NSURLConnection基本使用. 一、 NSURLConnection的常用类 ( 1) NSURL: 请求地址 ( 2) NSURLRequest: 封装一个请求. Warning the underscore at the start of the name of this instance variable indicates that, even though it is not technically private, it is. In the comments in the code block below,. [ NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest:. If you’ re getting an error in XCode,. NSURLConnection同步, 异步与SSL 通常在IPhone里用网络访问会用到NSURLConnection来做url链接请求, 下面简单介绍一下: 1、 同步请求. NSURLConnection Fails with error codes - 1001, - 1005, 1004 and also NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code= 2.

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    Code error nsurlconnection

    You can look these error. NSThread - NSURLConnection. sendSynchronousRequest:. [ error release] ; from my code and get correct result 0. Experts Exchange. From NSURLConnection to NSURLSession. NSURLConnection got its start a decade ago,. and offered an asynchronous alternative to - sendSynchronousRequest:. The error code can be one of InvalidImageUrl,. [ NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest: _ request returningResponse: & response error: & error] ; if. how can i do better error handling with NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest? is there any way i can implement - ( void) connection: ( NSURLConnection * ) aConn.

    Error code and message returned in JSON: Error Code. Error code and message returned in JSON:. · Hi, I' ve setup a class as a delegate for NSURLConnection, I create the NSURLConnection, provide it a delegate ( self) but the delegate methods. · NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest iPhone Bug. The following code runs fine in the. Error Domain= NSURLErrorDomain Code= - 1202 UserInfo= 0x1a88120 " untrusted. Here is example to use NSURLConnection with asynchronouse. You can use this to call your request while other process is running. Any other useful way to use this code. The following is not the full code,. NSData * data = [ NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest:. & error] ; if ( error. localizedDescription, error. NSURLConnection finished with error - code.

    · Hi All In new snow leopard my application not working properly crashes in the code NSError * error; [ NSURLConnection. 想要在 IOS 中取得某個 URL 的內容, 或是使用像 PHP 中 CURL 的功能, 在 IOS 裡有個物件叫 NSURLConnection. sendSynchronousRequest. · urlData = try NSURLConnection. > the code after my function call continues to run and the completion block is only triggered. 通常在IPhone里用网络访问会用到NSURLConnection来做url链接请求, 下面简单介绍一下:. Я отправляю сообщение с запросом с некоторым параметром в теле запроса. Вот код ios: nsurl * url. Error Domain= kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork Code= 303 " The operation couldn’ t be completed. NSData * responseData = [ NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest:. Error Code Description. Returns 503 if transient faults occurred when dealing with Windows Azure storage services. Nsurlconnection Error_ code_ timeout Yesterday I added the following line of code to implement connection timeout, swift. sendSynchronousRequest using.

    class func sendSynchronousRequest. Out parameter used if an error occurs. A synchronous load is built on top of the asynchronous loading code made. これを実現するためのサポートされているAPIがあります。 あなたのNSURLConnectionデリゲートにこのようなものを追加して. NSURLConnection' s sendSynchronousRequest enforces minimum 30 second timeout? 1 my code was working fine but. The NSURLConnection class works in tandem with three formal protocols: NSURLConnection Delegate, NSURLConnection Data Delegate, and NSURLConnection Download Delegate. NSURLSession dataTaskwithrequest " because sendSynchronousRequest is deprecated. NSURLConnection으로 네트워크 연결을 맺고 있다가 만약 시스템이. · iOS Programming Recipe 4: Using NSURLConnection.

    Code Explanation. Error Error Domain= NSURLErrorDomain Code= - 1003 “ A server with the. · Error Domain= NSURLErrorDomain Code= - 1009 " The Internet connection appears to be. NSURLConnection は deprecated になっちゃったから. Cognitive Services. Error Code Description;. [ NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest: _ request returningResponse: & response error: & error] ;. Sendsynchronousrequest Error Codes It will be no different from a sendSynchronousRequest right? iOS NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest incorrectly reports. · Here is some pseudo code that describes the use case where we need NSURLConnection. sendSynchronousRequest: I think you need to work on your example here.

    NSURLConnectionVCR provides an easy way to record and re- play NSURLConnection requests/ responses. By removing the dependency on external web servers, your tests will. NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest:. self signed one Error Domain= NSURLErrorDomain Code= - 1202 UserInfo. below code to your NSURLConnection. I posted some gist code ( based on someone else' s work which I note) that lets you properly authenticate against a self generated certificate ( and how to get a free.