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These procedures include the installation of. Using the Borland BDE Configuration Utility ( BDECFG. EXE, or BDEADMIN. EXE) to examine the SQLQRYMODE property of the InterBase or Visigneic ODBC alias being used in. HKEY_ LOCAL_ MACHINE | SOFTWARE | Borland | Database Engine In that Registry key, the value CONFIGFILE01 needs to point to your idapi32. cfg file, and the value DLLPath needs to point to the directory where your idapi32. Borland Database Engine ( BDE) is the Windows- based core database engine and connectivity software behind Borland Delphi, C+ + Builder, IntraBuilder, Paradox for Windows, and Visual dBASE for Windows. I have tried the same example in a Windows server and I have the same problem when I lunch about 10 " proof. bat" and the system CPU is about 100%. MortgageHub Confidential and Proprietary Information 5 Preface Welcome to the MortgageHub LenStar Borland Database Engine Installation— a guide to help you install the Borland Database Engine.

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    The Borland' s Database Engine Buy DataBase books from Amazon. The BCB programmer usually makes use of visual components to manage his database applications: drop a TDataSource on the form, and connect it to a TTable, and to some data controls. Is Borland Database Administrator ( BDE) available in Windows 10? I have Pro edition. It isn' t in Control Panel, nor is it in regedit, as this article explains concerning Windows 7. Our GM Rep said it was a known bug in the database technology that GoldMine uses - - Borland Database Engine ( BDE). The fix was to push the data size above or below the multiple of 4 file size mark. So, you could simply copy a file, make a new file, or what ever you like just as long as you push the current file size up or down by a few bytes. Changing from using an MSSQL database to a Paradox database makes no difference. Making the logged in user a member of the Administrators group on the workstation makes no difference. The typically logged in user is a domain user. HKEY_ LOCAL_ MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Borland\ Database Engine\ key in the registry ( in the CONFIGFILE01 value).

    CFG file is not in this location, you will need to update the users' registry to point to the correct location, or delete this. The Borland Database Engine ( BDE) is provided with those Borland and Corel products that provide database access, including Paradox, dBase, Delphi, C+ + Builder, and Quatro Pro. It provides a non- Microsoft way to access data in Paradox, DBase, FoxPro, and ASCII databases. Note: The Borland Database Engine ( BDE) has been deprecated, so it will not be enhanced. For instance, BDE will never have Unicode support. You should not undertake new development with BDE. Consider migrating your existing database applications from BDE to dbExpress. The Borland Database Engine. An error occured while trying to replace the existing file. This error message appears when installing an OCAD Service Update.

    Cause: The installer can not replace. I have all the required keys in the Registry under HKLM\ Software\ Borland\ database engine. I tried running the program in XP compatibility mode but Win 7 will not allow that as it is a network program. On Wed, 13: 06:, " Shaya" lipman. il> wrote: ( snip) Did you have a previous version of the BDE installed on your computer? Does the BDE Administrator icon point to the same directory for the BDE as is indicated in the registry settings for the BDE? The Borland Database Engine ( BDE) is one thing that ties all of Borland' s products together. This gives owners of Borland products a big plus because the BDE is constantly being upgraded. Every time a new version of a Borland product is released, a new version of the BDE is released with it. i have a problem with delphi 7 with bde and oracle 9i, delphi show message that the index note exist but the index is exist realy. Since Win10proBorland Database Engine worked fine. SQL Database Server Access.

    In, Borland introduced a new SQL driver architecture called " dbExpress. " dbExpress is designed to deliver ultra high performance data access and simplify deployment and configuration of SQL drivers. TBDECallback is a wrapper for a Borland Database Engine ( BDE) callback function. TBDEDataSet Encapsulates Borland Database Engine ( BDE) functionality for descendant dataset objects. that' s kind of strange I don' t see how the Borland thing would have anything to do with it. I think it may be that they use a file with the same name and the quickbooks is pulling up the wrong file. Error code - hex ( decimal) Error description; $ Successful completion: $ System Error: $ Object of Interest Not Found: $. Ok then look for this registry setting HKEY_ LOCAL_ MACHINE\ SOFTWAR E\ Borland\ Database Engine DLLPATH If the key doesn' t exist then the BDE is not insatalled. If the Key does exist then check that the path exits that the above key is pointing to. The Borland Database Engine ( BDE) is the database engine provided by Borland ( now Inprise) for access to Paradox and dBase databases s well as a few other formats. It provides the database interface for Borland products such as Borland C+ +, Borland C+ + Builder, Borland Delphi, and Borland J Builder. I am in the process of attempting to install Timeslips and the installation process stalls at a point where I am notified that the BDE file is missing. I' ve have followed a couple of threads regarding this problem and have reinstalled the BDE per instructions given on those threads. Database - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A database is an organized collection of data. The data are typically organized to model aspects of reality in a way that supports processes.

    Mike: Just to let you know, setting the SharedMemLocation to 7bde seemed to fix the problem - Thanks for your help. Since I am ALREADY wearing an eyesight enhancement option, I guess I will. Hi, in our network we have somme issues with our Oracle database connections. We have our Oracle 12 server running in the x. x networksigment. Common Borland Database Engine Error $ 3e06: Learn How To Fix Such Errors. There are really situations that you will experience computer error. Those who doesn’ t. Answer: In file explorer check under “ Program Files\ \ Borland\ \ Common Files\ \ BDE” to see if the Borland Database Engine ( BDE) is installed ( you can also search on “ BDEADMIN*. * ” to test if BDE installation occurred under a different path).